I’ve gotten a lot of value out of Eclipse CDT over the years, but I wish it was less buggy. And the UI could be better. Anyway, today I open my laptop (on an airplane), start a new C++ project, and soon notice (thanks to a battery indicator reading under 2 hours time left) that Eclipse is using 350% of my CPU. I check the Progress tab and see that Eclipse is “Computing Git status for repository LatticeRegression”.

I have no idea what that means. I’ve never told Eclipse anything about git. My workspace is inside an externally-created git repo, but I don’t want Eclipse touching it, so I cancel the operation. I cancel it again about 60 seconds later and again about 60 seconds after that. This is getting old fast. Perhaps there is an option that might help me out?

Well, there’s a Git tab in the project properties, but it contains no options. There’s a Git section under Windows>Preferences>Team (obviously) with lots of cryptically-labelled options, but no relevant-sounding ones make Eclipse stop draining my battery. There’s a Git Perspective with a Git Repositories tab which contains my git repo whose context menu has “Remove Repository from View”. Perhaps that’ll make Eclipse forget about my git repo? Nope, in fact it deletes every single project from my workspace. fu Eclipse, diagf. Time to restore from (a week old because I’m travelling) backup.

Anyway, executing the following in my workspace directory seems to have fixed the immediate issue:

rm -r .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/.projects/*/org.eclipse.egit.core

But the new project still has a settings tab labelled Git which now gives an error upon access. Deleting the appropriate .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/.projects/*/.indexes/properties.index file (with Eclipse not running) got rid of this. (The file was regenerated without the Git-related entries.)

Also I started on a lattice regression library in C++.